Enabling SSH

How to turn on SSH on your Raspberry Pi

Written By: Cherie Tan

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In this guide we're going to learn how to turn on Secure Shell (SSH) on your Raspberry Pi.

SSH enables us to make a secure connection to our Raspberry Pi from the command line on our Mac, PC or Linux computer.

We will use the command line app raspi-config to enable SSH.

Step 1   Open Terminal Window

  • Click on the Terminal icon to open up a terminal window

Step 2   Open raspi-config

  • Enter the command: sudo raspi-config

Step 3   Go down to Interfacing Options

  • Use the arrow keys to navigate down to Interfacing Options

Step 4   Select 'Yes'

  • Select Yes from the prompt.

Step 5   Navigate to <Finish>

  • Navigate to by using the Down and Right Arrow Keys

Step 6   Select 'SSH'

  • Select SSH by using the down arrow keys.
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