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My Raspberry 400 won't turn on after running the initial installation of software

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We connected everything and ran the initial installation of software but after that when it rebooted the machine it did not turn back on. 

I'm unsure how to resolve or whether the product is actually faulty. We have not used it since Christmas because I was unsure what to do with it and only found out today that I could possibly get a replacement as some initial models were faulty.
asked August, 15, 2021
Andrew Timms

2 Answers

Hey Andrew, have you tried:

  • Reinstalling the Raspberry Pi OS on the microSD card
  • Trying with another micro SD card
  • Testing on a different monitor screen 
  • Used another micro HDMI cable if available

If you are sure it is a hardware issue, we can send a returns form if you send us an email or provide an order number.


answered August, 18, 2021
Hi Cherie,

Once we got out of lockdown we took the Raspberry Pi 400 to our local Jaycar to buy new cables which they helped us test the machine and they confirmed that the motherboard was not functioning. Can you please send through a returns form to My original order number is RP10609.

Can you please send a replacement unit?

Andrew Timms.
answered November, 15, 2021
Andrew Timms

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