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How do I connect a Raspberry Pi to an iMac 21.5 inch LCD?

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I have a spare iMac 21.5 inch display that I'd like to connect to a Raspberry Pi. 
This display is a LM215WF3-SLA1, how do I connect it to a Raspberry Pi?
asked July, 20, 2021
Marcus Schappi

1 Answer

You can use the NT68676 LVDs LCD Controller Inverter Board Kit to connect a Raspberry Pi 4 to the LM215WF3-SLA1.

The NT68676 takes HDMI as an input.
You'll also need a RP-SC0222 to go from the Pi 4's microHDMI output to the NT68676 full sized HDMI input.

answered July, 20, 2021
Marcus Schappi

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