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What Raspberry Pi for Pihole?

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I want to run Pihole on my home network to block online ads and tracking. 
What Raspberry Pi should I use?
asked July, 15, 2021
Marcus Schappi

1 Answer

Pi-hole is very lightweight and does not require much processing power, as mentioned in the official Pi-hole documentation here
  • Min. 2GB free space, 4GB recommended
  • 512MB RAM

So any model including older models like Raspberry Pi Zero W, to newer ones such as Raspberry Pi 3 and 4.
The easiest way to run Pi-Hole is of course with a model that has built-in WiFi. But even if it doesn't, like in the case of the Raspberry Pi Zero (Not Raspberry Pi Zero W), you could use a USB to ethernet adapter.

We even have a guide on setting up and using Pi-hole for Raspberry Pi 4.
answered July, 15, 2021

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