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Arduino Mega, PBC board, >42 3mm Leds, Fiber Optic Signal Board

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I have found out MEGA might be able to run a series of 3mm leds(42) that will indicate one of TEN Points on a layout(0-9). Some will have 8 leds, others will have up to 14, each Number(0-9) will be ON at one at a time.
From ITS OWN Power Source to the ARDUINO MEGA  then to this PBC Board to hold these up to 42 Leds/Resistor, file down the top of the Led to have and glue a 0.75mm Fiber Optic that will be housed in Styrene Tube through the Layout up about 65mm above to a BLACK BACKGROUND Board with holes to hold these Fiber Optic, to OPERATE when the point changes.
This ONE NUMBER(0-9) will only be ON, one at a time.
Arduino and it's own power, 42 (6x7) leds in a PCB Board with resistors, then gluing Fiber Optic onto each Led and having shrink wrap around the LED through a Layout Base, to a Black background with holes and glue the OPEN end of the Fiber Optic in to the hole and Glued at the rear.
asked February, 16, 2023
Graeme David Wilson

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