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RPM of a wheel

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We are looking to create a laser sensor for Arduino, but have it measure the RPM of a three-spoked wheel by counting how many times per second the laser is disrupted, then dividing by three. Therefore, we were wondering if you had any advice for how we would code and build such a contraption, since I am assuming you are knowledgeable on the topic. We are planning on building the device around an Arduino Nano, and would be looking to have it spin said wheel up to approximately 12,000rpm, before allowing it to slow and measuring the decrease in rpm over time as a table of data and, subsequently a graph. Using this system, we hope to measure the resistance of our bearings accurately. 4.84 MB
asked November, 30, 2022
James Mitchell

1 Answer

Building a laser sensor for Arduino to measure the RPM of a three-spoked wheel is certainly possible. The best way to code and build this contraption would be to use a phototransistor or photodiode in combination with a laser diode to detect when the laser is disrupted by the wheel's spokes. The phototransistor or photodiode should be connected to the Arduino Nano, and the laser diode should be pointed at the wheel. The Arduino can then measure the time between disruptions and divide by three to get the wheel's RPM.To measure the wheel's resistance accurately, you can use the Arduino to spin the wheel up to approximately 12,000rpm and measure the decrease in rpm over time as a table of data and subsequently a graph. This will allow you to compare the wheel's resistance at different RPMs, which will give you a better understanding of the wheel's bearing performance.
answered January, 18, 2023
Marcus Schappi

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