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ABC IVIEW - Video Player Error code 246007

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Using the Raspberry Pi Media Centre (4GB) to access ABC IVIEW I get an error message when trying to play video from the ABC IVIEW site - Ie. Video Player Error code 246007. The "security type" fixes suggested on the ABC website haven't been successful. Is anyone else having this problem?
asked July, 07, 2022
Jim Taylor

2 Answers

Yes this also is happening for me, making the purchase of the pi a bit disappointing as iview was the primary use case.

I've tried the default operating system with chromium, firefox and epiphany I think it was.
I've tried installing ubuntu using pi imager and no browser worked.
I've tried the extras (media codecs) and it still didn't work.
I've tried a firefox hidden flag or two to do with a codec.

Nothing has worked so far.
answered August, 03, 2022
Since posting the original question I queried "ABC Audience Support" and their response was " Unfortunately ABC iview is not supported on Raspberry PI4". 
Thank you jwwisart, I have also tried all the things you mentioned without success.
I think ABC Iview on Raspberry Pi is a lost cause - pity.
answered August, 05, 2022
Jim Taylor

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