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Uploading Seeed XIAO RP2040 fromArduino IDE

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I purchased 2 seeed xiao rp2040 on order208336
I have used Arduino IDE under win10 successfully on Uno and Pro mini but cannot get to
load the Seeed 
As described on their site  I hold the boot button and plug in USB I get small
led red and green steady Onthe IDE selecting board is correct but port is grey
An attempt to upload gives error while uploading

with much plugging/unplugging /restarting sometimes the port will show correctly
eg com5 but when attempt upload I get the same message plus filemgr opens to e:Rp1-Rp2

Seed sites are rather confusing and Arduino doesnt seem to elaborate on error while uploading

Any suggestions?

Keith Webster

asked May, 05, 2022
Keith Webster

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