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What are some possible causes of my Raspberry Pi not booting up?

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Hey there, i had this pi setup for my octoprint server since i bought it, i'd taken a break from printing things for a few months so i unplugged my pi and it was off the whole time. Just recently i wamted to get back to 3d printing so i tried to boot up the pi to no avail. 

I have checked all the settings on my octoprint sd card and they are all good but sill no boot
I prepared an sd card with the eeprom recovery  image and tried that but still no boot
I installed raspi os on an sd card and tried booting that which still didn't work

At this stage im thinking the raspberry pi might be dead :(

thanks, Jesse
asked April, 04, 2022
Jesse Knight

1 Answer

You do not report the display output, are you getting any messages on the display?

1. Check the power supply. Make sure that it is plugged in correctly and that the indicator light is on.

You might want to check that the power supply powers another Raspberry Pi (if you have one on hand), or use a multimeter to confirm that the correct voltage is being provided by the power supply.

Be sure to only test the Power Supply w/ the multimeter, and not your Raspberry Pi, as this may damage your Raspberry Pi.

2. Check the SD card. Make sure it is inserted correctly and that the contacts are clean.

The SD card should be inserted into the Raspberry Pi with the metal contacts of the microSD facing up. Do not force the microSD card in as this may damage the slot.

You may want to check the microSD slot for damage, are any of the pins bent from a late night jam?

3. Check the HDMI cable. Make sure it is plugged in correctly and that the connection is secure.

If possible check whether your HDMI cable words with another device, and see if there is any video or audio output, or if you have another on hand, try swapping it out.

Check that your display can handle the resolution being provided by the Raspberry Pi.

4. Check the keyboard and mouse. Make sure they are plugged in correctly and that the connection is secure.
answered April, 06, 2022
Marcus Schappi

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