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raspberry pi pico issues creating serial ports with macOS

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I'm having issues with using the picodisplay2 from a mac.

If I load (drag/drop to /Volumes/RPI-RPI2) the default raspberry pi pico firmware rp2-pico-20210902-v1.17.uf2, then I get the serial ports : 
Then I can start Thonny and run code on it.
I’ve tried loading the f/w pimoroni-pico-v0.3.1-micropython-v1.17.uf2 onto the pico, but when I do so, I do not get any serial ports.

I installed  pimoroni-pico-v0.3.1-micropython-v1.17.uf2 from Windows and was able to load/run micropython demo code communicating through COM3.

So, it would appear to be USB serial device issue on macOS, strange because the standard raspberry pi pico f/w works fine and the pimoroni-pico-v0.31 firmware is meant to be based off the raspberry pi pico f/w.

Any suggestions?
asked November, 17, 2021
Graeme O'Keefe

1 Answer

This is a great question. I’ve seen it happen on macOS with Arduino, so I don’t think it is a Pico issue. What version of macOS are you using?
answered November, 22, 2021
Marcus Schappi

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