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Low voltage cutoff

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Hi, so I bought the product: Lithium Ion Battery Pack - 3.7V 6600mAh [AF-353]
and everything I found indicates that it does have low voltage cutoff at 3.0v, including the datasheet for the original Adafruit product:

Plugging it in to a SparkFun ESP32 Thing, (also from littlebird) I started a test to get a feel for battery life.
This test ended when the esp32 starting browning out, on account of the battery voltage getting as low as 2.55v, which seems well beyond the expected cutoff threshold.

Does this cutoff actually work?

Now I could monitor the voltage in software and at 3v try get the microcontroller to poweroff as much as it can until a power is applied.. but even still, there will be a slight draw and left long enough this could also get dangerously low which gives me a little concern if I were to make things with these cells, and give to family members, etc.

Does the advertised protection circuit do anything? Is it even present? (Im not about to peel off the blue shrinkwrap of the first/only pack I currently have)

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asked October, 28, 2021
David Mirabito

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