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Parts for Raspberry Pi Car Entertainment System

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What parts do I need to make a Raspberry Pi based Car Entertainment system?

Am building a small entertainment screen for the kids in the back of the car and wanted to build it based on raspberry pi. I was hoping to have some help on the parts list. While I have other raspberry pi’s around the house, I haven’ decided which one I will use so if it’s a 2, 3 or a 4 I’ll need to know if a component is compatible with only a certain type (I’m sure it’ll be on the site anyway). The has a roof mounting already with power supply which I intent on taking advantage of, but the existing hardware is faulty and cannot utilise it.
  • Screen. 7”, non-touch screen, as I feel it would be more safe if the kids had to use a remote instead of reaching up to the screen to change show
  • IR receiver/remote for control
  • Either a soft power switch or UPS hat to assist in graceful shutdown of the pi
  • Was looking at either a direct composite output to car stereo, or a I2C DAC for audio output and dedicated speaker in the back seat
asked October, 18, 2021
Marcus Schappi

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answered October, 19, 2021

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