These are the finest wire strippers we have used, and if you have to do a lot of wiring, you will agree! They have soft rounded grips - very comfortable to use, and precision ground notches that do a perfect job every time. No more yanking or twisting to strip wires cleanly and quickly.

If you're on a budget, check out our basic wire strippers - they're not as sharp and precise but will do the job for hobbyist work.

Strips solid or stranded core wire in the most common electronic sizes: 20, 22, 24, 26, 28 and 30 AWG

Solder at peak performance!
Maxiumum blinken, no soldering!
Navigation & visibility with FLORA!
Put a solar LiPoly MintyBoost on any bag
Design and 3D Print a custom tree topper
Make a flexible motion-activated LED arm/wrist band.
Turn a 24x NeoPixel ring into a light for a DSLR camera
Wear a crown of LEDs for your birthday or prom!
Make your own adorable BMO with a mini 8x8 LED Matrix and Gemma.
Bring your own rainbow
Light up your mini or full sized basketball hoop with Gemma and NeoPixels.
Pump some decent decibels with this tiny amp & speakers!
Build an audio project that pumps 20 watts of power with the MAX9744 stereo amplifier.
Make a low-budget, thermal camera for scientific analysis, or just some awesome cosplay.
80s Vision of the Future is here!
Eye Candy in Three Dimensions
Turn your Iris into a safe flying UFO
Add blinky to your bling!
Upgrade your ride with lots, and lots of NeoPixels!
Build a 16 button MIDI drum machine!
The smallest, and cutest Mac Classic inspired project
Build a wearable LED Helmet!
Become your favorite video game character with 3d printing and diy electronics
Shoot powerful LED lights, from your chest!
It’s got lasers, EL wire and of course, NeoPixel LEDs.
Make a compact flashlight you can use camping, in your glove-box, or trick-or-treating!
Make a prop replica with sound FX and NeoPixel LEDs!
Create animatronic animals with attitude.
DIY monitor for DSLR cameras or any HDMI device!
How to choose your next projects connections
Mobile wireless Raspberry Pi
Make your own custom wireless gamepad!
Extract ADAM and drink!
Push a button, it plays a sound!
Retropie in your pocket!
How bright is your bouquet?
Hack your existing charger and build your own portable charger
Build a tiny handheld raspberry pi portable computer
Make a portable Raspberry Pi
Build a battery powered raspberry pi, camera, or general computer monitor
Make a flexy glowing wearable with integrated circuits!
How to disassemble an Amazon Dash button and reprogram its STM32 processor!
Slim and portable!
Take epic timelapses with a DIY camera slider
Animate your headphones with NeoPixels!
It Spins and Lights Up
Create a mad science blacklight test tube rack with fluorescent pigments and ultraviolet LEDs.
Part 2: Lights, music, and sound effects prop circuit integration
Add lots of LEDs to this Cosplay Prop!
3D Print a NeoPixel Bracelet!
It's so tiny! Say Cheese!
3D Print a Selfie LED Ring Light!
Add LEDs to your Lego Bricks with 3D Printing!
Shades you can turn on and off!
How to make a slide switch JST-PH adapter!
Attach an LED in the palm of your hand!
Circuit Python Keyboard emulation
Beautiful enough to hack it's limbs off!
What time is it? Metro Mini time! Build this stylish, minimalist clock.


SKU AF-527
Brand Hakko

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