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Raspberry Pi
How to Attach the PoE HAT to Raspberry Pi 3B+

Learn how to to put together the PoE HAT with your Raspberry Pi 3B+

Light-sensitive Bookmark with EagLED

Create a portable light that automatically lights up in darkness

Advanced Dungeon Crawler in MakeCode Arcade

Add multiple levels, enemies that follow you, and projectiles with Javascript and TypeScript

Make a Grove Zero Line Follower Robot

Create a robot that will follow a line you draw and learn about programming logic!

Raspberry Pi
How to Attach Heatsinks to Raspberry Pi 3B+

Learn to add heat sinks to your Raspberry Pi 3B+

Raspberry Pi
How to Attach Heatsinks to Raspberry Pi 4

Learn to attach heat sinks to the Raspberry Pi 4

Raspberry Pi
Two-wheeled Robot with Raspberry Pi 4

Build your own two-wheeled robotic car that can move forward, backwards, turn right and left

Sound-responsive Lights

Wearable lights that respond to sound

Raindrop Sensor with micro:bit

Make a device that detects when it rains

1-Wire and Arduino

A single wire that carries serial data, addresses, and also power!

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