Tools Guides & Tutorials

Connect Arduino to Processing

Learn to send data from Arduino to Processing

Raspberry Pi
8-bit Sprites and Animation with PICO-8

Create your first animated PICO-8 game

Raspberry Pi
Aluminium Alloy Case With Cooling Heatsink for Raspberry Pi 4

Learn to assemble the Aluminium Alloy Case for Raspberry Pi 4 in eight steps!

Raspberry Pi
Black Case with Fan for Raspberry Pi 4

Assemble this sleek black case in seven easy steps!

Snack Jar Alarm with ShakeUp

Learn to make a snack jar alarm with ShakeUp to protect your snacks!

Line Tracking Module with Robit Smart Car

Get the Robit Smart Car to detect edges with the tracking module

Make a Grove Zero Line Follower Robot

Create a robot that will follow a line you draw and learn about programming logic!

Raspberry Pi
Obstacle Avoidance Robot with Raspberry Pi 4

Build an autonomous two-wheeled robot

Raspberry Pi
How to Attach the PoE HAT to Raspberry Pi 3B+

Learn how to to put together the PoE HAT with your Raspberry Pi 3B+

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