Sensors Guides & Tutorials

Using the Built-in Sensors on micro:bit

Learn to use the built-in light sensor, temperature sensor, accelerometer & compass on the micro:bit

Light Sensor with EagLED

Learn to use the EagLED's light sensor

Tilt Sensor with micro:bit

Learn to use a tilt sensor with micro:bit

Hall Effect Sensor with Arduino

This sensor detects the presences of magnetic fields

Raspberry Pi
Make a Smart Aquarium

Add a temperature sensor to your fish tank

Raspberry Pi
Use the Sense HAT Emulator in Raspbian

Test out sensor code without a physical sense HAT!

Capacitive Touch Sensor with Arduino

We will use the touch sensor to turn an LED on and off

Smoke sensor with micro:bit

Learn to use a smoke sensor with micro:bit

Temperature Sensor

Learn to use a TMP36 temperature sensor with the Arduino

Atmospheric Pressure Sensor with micro:bit

Get readings from an atmospheric pressure sensor and the micro:bit

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