Power Guides & Tutorials

Raspberry Pi
Command-line 101

Learn how to use 15 of the most useful terminal commands

Raspberry Pi
Getting Started With the Raspberry Pi 3B+

Set up the Raspberry Pi 3B+

2D Sidescrolling Platformer with MakeCode Arcade

Create a side-scrolling platformer game

Bluetooth with micro:bit

Learn about bluetooth and how to use the radio module on the micro:bit

Raspberry Pi
How to Attach the PoE HAT to Raspberry Pi 3B+

Learn how to to put together the PoE HAT with your Raspberry Pi 3B+

Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi Weather Station with the Sense HAT

Raspberry Pi + Sense HAT = Mini Weather Station!

Raspberry Pi
Getting Started with the Raspberry Pi 4

Learn to set up your Raspberry Pi 4B+ with Raspbian Buster

LED, pushbutton and EagLED

Build a simple circuit with an LED, pushbutton and EagLED

Raspberry Pi
Beginning with the LÖVE Framework on Raspberry Pi 4

Install LÖVE on the Raspberry Pi 4, learn about callback functions, the coordinate system and tables!

Temperature Sensor

Learn to use a TMP36 temperature sensor with the Arduino

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