Power Guides & Tutorials

Use an Arduino to Control a Relay

Learn to turn high power devices on and off

Add Levels to 2D Platformer in MakeCode Arcade

Create Tilemap Arrays, more power-ups, and a secret level!

1-Wire and Arduino

A single wire that carries serial data, addresses, and also power!

EEPROM and Arduino

Read and write to the EEPROM memory

How to Power Your Arduino

Connect a 9V battery to the Arduino

Real-time clock with Arduino

Timekeeping with the DS1307 RTC Module and Arduino

Ferroelectric RAM with Arduino

Read and write data to this super-fast, high-endurance, non-volatile memory

Raspberry Pi
How to Attach Heatsinks to Raspberry Pi 4

Learn to attach heat sinks to the Raspberry Pi 4

Raspberry Pi
Install TensorFlow on Raspberry Pi

Learn how to install TensorFlow on the Raspberry Pi

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