Micro:Bit Robot Guides & Tutorials

Create a micro:bit Robot with Grove Zero

Learn to use the Grove Zero Bit Kit

Make a Grove Zero Line Follower Robot

Create a robot that will follow a line you draw and learn about programming logic!

Assemble the Bird Bot

Build the Bird Bot in twelve easy steps!

Rotary Encoder with micro:bit

Learn to use the rotary encoder with micro:bit

L298 Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver with micro:bit

Control the speed and rotation direction of two DC motors with the L298 and a micro:bit

Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor with micro:bit

Get started with an infrared obstacle avoidance sensor with the micro:bit

Indicator Lights with Bird Bot

Create indicator lights using the the WS2812B LED modules on the Bird Bot

Obstacle Avoidance with Micro:bit Robit Smart Car

Get the Robit Smart Car to move and avoid obstacles!

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