Leds Guides & Tutorials

How to Use an RGB LED with Arduino

Learn to use a multi colour LED

Lorikeet with Arduino

Light up the LEDs on your Lorikeet!

Using an LED with micro:bit

Learn to use an external LED with the micro:bit

Make an RGB LED Blink with micro:bit

Light up and blend the colours of an RGB LED

Use a Two Colour LED Module with micro:bit

Make a Two Colour LED blink using the micro:bit

Raspberry Pi
TrinityPixel LED Strips and Raspberry Pi

Starter guide on using the TrinityPixel LED strips for Raspberry Pi

Use a Push Button with Arduino

Turn an LED on and off with the Arduino

LED, pushbutton and EagLED

Build a simple circuit with an LED, pushbutton and EagLED

Two Colour LED Module with Arduino

Gradually alternate between colours with the two colour led module and the Arduino!

Using the Buttons and LED Matrix on micro:bit

Get started with using the pushbuttons and LED matrix on the micro:bit

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