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Raspberry Pi
TrinityPixel LED Strips and Raspberry Pi

Starter guide on using the TrinityPixel LED strips for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi
Basic Electronic Components with Raspberry Pi

Learn about resistors, LEDs, transistors and integrated circuits with the STEM Components for Raspberry Pi Kit!

Sound-responsive Lights

Wearable lights that respond to sound

Raspberry Pi
Getting Started with the Raspberry Pi Pico

Learn to set up and program the Raspberry Pi Pico

Servo with micro:bit

Learn to use a servo with the micro:bit

Obstacle Avoidance with Micro:bit Robit Smart Car

Get the Robit Smart Car to move and avoid obstacles!

Raspberry Pi
Digital Inputs with Raspberry Pi

Learn how to read digital inputs with the GPIO Zero Library

Light-dependent Resistor with micro:bit

Learn to use a light-dependent resistor with the micro:bit

LED, pushbutton and EagLED

Build a simple circuit with an LED, pushbutton and EagLED

Learn to Solder Kit - Flashing LED

Learn to solder with this flashing LED kit

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