Grove – Multichannel Gas Sensor is a Grove with the compact MOS sensor, MiCS-6814, which is a robust MEMS sensor for the detection of automobile exhausts, agricultural and industrial odors. This grove has one standard interface.
Part List: 
  • 1 x Grove – Multichannel Gas Sensor
  • 1 x 26AWG Grove Cable
Three fully independent sensing elements on one package
Built with ATmega168PA
I2C interface with programmable address
Heating power can be shut down for low power
Detectable gases
  • Carbon monoxide   CO        1 – 1000ppm
  • Nitrogen dioxide    NO2       0.05 – 10ppm
  • Ethanol           C2H6OH   10 – 500ppm
  • Hydrogen          H2        1 – 1000ppm
  • Ammonia         NH3        1 – 500ppm
  • Methane          CH4        >1000ppm
  • Propane           C3H8       >1000ppm
  • Iso-butane         C4H10      >1000ppm
  • Voltage: 3.1~ 5.25V
  • Ripple(@Max Power):80~100mV
  • Max Heating Power: 88mW
  • Max Power: 150mW
  • ADC Precision : 10Bits
  • I2C Rate: 100kHz
  • VIL(@I2C): -0.5~0.99V
  • VIH(@I2C): 2.31~5.2V
Please visit Seeed's wiki page for more info about this product.


SKU SS-101020088
Brand Seeed Studio

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