An ideal entry-level soldering station for the hobby user. This station comes with a lightweight iron with anti-slip grip and tip cleaning sponge, with temperature adjustment up to 450°C. It also has a 4mm banana.....
This is a brass sponge that will help clean your soldering iron tip. Use it to remove residue from your iron tip before soldering. It cleans better than conventional sponges and will not damage your.....
This is a brass sponge that includes a sturdy base and a soldering iron holder. The sponge will help clean your soldering iron tip. Brass sponges clean better than conventional sponges and will not damage.....
The Chip Quik No-Clean Liquid Flux Pen is great for all rework, solder, de-solder, and reflow applications! In particular this one is from the rework-champs at Chip Quik. Liquid flux helps solder to "cling" to metal by.....
DescriptionThis is such a sweet soldering stand, they had to carry it in the shop. It comes with a nice heavy metal frame, a double-wrapped soldering iron tube to keep your hands safe, a removable.....
Introduction This is a compact,spring loaded desoldering pump. It is a very useful tool for desoldering components from PCBs. ProsKit DP-366D Desoldering Pump with suction capability 35 cm-Hg. It's made of ABS plastic.    .....
Details Economy precision tweezer set. Set contains one of each of the following: AA.SA, 7A.SA, 2A.SA, 5C.SA  ..
This high quality soldering iron is made in Japan by Goot. Goot is a famous brand throughout the world, but virtually unknown in Australia and New Zealand, until now. We will bring you more Goot.....
DescriptionThis brass sponge is super glam and super useful. Preferred by many soldering pros for cleaning off the tips of their soldering irons, it never needs theytting, wont cool down the tip, and its slightly.....
Details HAKKO FA-400, a small bench top smoke absorber with a powerful fan absorbs soldering fumes onto an activated replaceable carbon filter. In the horizontal position shadowing over work area is reduce allowing more working.....
Details Digital model in an analog-model price bracket Features adjustment mode, preset mode, and password function Separable tip/heater design provides excellent value for money Hakko FX-888D Features Excellent thermal recovery - Heater output has been increased by.....
The Hakko FX-901 is a cordless soldering iron that is both portable and practical and provides you with a means to easily solder on the go. Powered by four AA sized batteries, this soldering iron.....