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Presenting the Raspberry Pi M.2 HAT, a groundbreaking addition for the Raspberry Pi 5, designed to bridge the connection with M.2-format PCIe and NVMe devices seamlessly. Crafted with precision and forward-thinking, it transforms the storage capabilities of your Raspberry Pi 5, ensuring you get more space and speed.
Key Features:
  1. Versatile Connection: Built to support M.2-format PCIe and NVMe devices, the M.2 HAT ensures your Raspberry Pi 5 can interface with a range of advanced storage solutions.
  2. Perfect Fit for Raspberry Pi 5: Tailored to connect effortlessly to the PCIe FPC connector on the Raspberry Pi 5, ensuring stability and optimal data transfer rates.
  3. M.2 M-Key Interface: The HAT comes with an M.2 M-Key, guaranteeing compatibility with a wide array of M.2 devices.
  4. Flexible Form Factors: Designed in the HAT form factor, it supports both 2230 and 2242 sizes. Additionally, an L-shaped variant is available which exclusively supports the 2230 size but offers the advantage of fitting inside the Raspberry Pi case.
  5. Impedance Controlled FFC Flexi: Ensures stable connections and reliable data transmissions, enhancing the overall storage performance.
  • Storage Expansion: Broaden the storage horizons of your Raspberry Pi 5, allowing it to handle bigger datasets, complex applications, and intricate tasks.
  • Optimized Performance: With its ability to connect to advanced NVMe devices, experience faster read/write speeds and reduced latency.
  • Seamless Integration: Designed with the Raspberry Pi ecosystem in mind, the M.2 HAT ensures a hassle-free and snug fit, complementing the aesthetics and functionality.
In the Box:
  • Raspberry Pi M.2 HAT for Raspberry Pi 5
  • Impedance Controlled FFC Flexi
  • User Manual
For Raspberry Pi enthusiasts aiming to push their Raspberry Pi 5 to its limits, the Raspberry Pi M.2 HAT is a game-changer. Offering the perfect blend of storage expansion and speed, it’s a vital accessory for advanced projects and applications.
Elevate your Raspberry Pi 5's storage capabilities with the M.2 HAT. Dive into a world of enhanced speed and capacity today!

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