That is a GPS chip antenna. Itty-bitty! And we were just as surprised when it picked up just as many satellites as the larger ceramic antennas. The PDOP and VDOP (dilution of precision) of these.....
Embedded antenna for small, mobile applications. Basic unpackaged antenna with LNA. 5inch cable terminated with standard male SMA connector. Match it with any SMA interface cable to create a truly small GPS prototype! This unit.....
Introduction This is a B100MXL Timing belt which is commonly used in 3D printer or CNC machine.              Specification Type:B100MXL LP:203.20mm Pitch:0.08” (2.032mm) Teeth Number (Z)=100 Length: 100mm Width: 5.5mm.....
Introduction This is a 300MXL Timing belt. It was commonly used in 3D printer such as Reprap and ultimater.            Specification Type:B300MXL  Lenght: 300mm Width: 5.5mm LP:609.6mm Teeth:300 Pitch:0.08” (2.032mm)  .....
Introduction This BMP180 module is a neo high precision digital sensor which is compatible with BMP085 module. With the ultra low power and voltage design, the BMP180 is ideal for mobile phones, PDAs, GPS and.....
Introduction This is a built-in GPS Antenna for DFRobot LEA-5H GPS shield. This GPS Antenna also have amplifing function. Its SMA male header can adapt to most GPS/GSM modules which have MMCX interface. This antenna.....
Horizontal surface mount connector for the EB-85A/FV-M8 GPS receiver. Documents:EB-85A-Connector.pdf..
Surface mount vertical 5-pin 1.0mm pitch connector for connecting to the EM-408 interface cable. Documents:EM408-SMDConnector.pdf..
DescriptionThe Coobro Geo is an easy to assemble GPS navigation kit. Upload coordinates, turn it on, and the Coobro Geo will help you navigate to any destination on earth by using LEDs to show you.....
Introduction DFRduino GPS Shield for Arduino has now been updated to ublox LEA-6H. The LEA-6H is a high performance stand-alone GPS and GALILEO receiver module designed to allow easy, straightforward migration from its LEA-4 predecessors......
Introduction This is a 2 wire (+-) blower fan for all your cooling needs.             Specification Supply voltage: 12Vdc Current consumption: 3mA Shipping List Blower Fan  x1 ..
DescriptionSirf III chipset GPS module with 6 pin cable. Includes power/lock indicator LED and backup supercap. One of the nicest GPS modules I've come across 5V power, ~40mA current draw 45s cold start, 38s warm.....