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M.2 (A+E Key) AX210 WiFi 6E Network Card for LattePanda Alpha and Delta

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This Intel AX210NGW network card takes you into the Wi-Fi 6 era!Adopting the upcoming Wi-Fi 6E standard, the network card provides three-band (2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz) signals, and extends Wi-Fi to 6GHz, up to 5374Mbps (2400 Mbps@6GHz+2400 Mbps@5GHz+574 Mbps@2.4GHz) transmission rate, which allows you to experience smooth 4K HD-video streaming and online gaming in today’s dense and congested environments.

The network card has been upgraded to Bluetooth 5.2, which is downward compatible with Bluetooth 5.1/5.0/4.2/4.0. Bluetooth 5.2 includes an isochronous channel feature that lays the foundation for the implementation of the next generation of Bluetooth Audio–Low Energy Audio. Bluetooth 5.2 provides a 4x range on the basis of Bluetooth 4.2, which doubles the transmission speed, thereby reducing the total power.

It supports MU-MIMO technology, when multiple users send and receive data at the same time, multiple MIMO effectively improves the signal gain. Transmission from 80MHz to 160MHz, dual throughput, ultra-low latency, and uninterrupted connection, multiple devices can be connected to the Internet at the same time without queuing.

The security of web browsing is guaranteed. Advanced WPA 3 encryption is used during the browsing process, which is compatible with WPA 2, WEP encryption, preventing network intrusions from hackers and malicious software.


1. The network card interface is M.2 (A+E Key). Please confirm whether your device interface matches this product before use. If not, you need an M.2 connector.

2. Only Windows 10 64-bit is recommended. If you cannot install the driver, you need to update the latest version of Windows 10

3. A WIFI 6E router is required to realize the 6GHz frequency band.

4. You need to download the AX210NGW driver from the Intel website.

  • Network Card Chip: AX210NGW
  • Interface Type: NGFF (M.2)
  • Protocol Frequency Band: 802.11ax/ac/a/b/g/n
  • Built-in Functions: Bluetooth 5.2, MU-MIMO
  • Transmission Rate: 2.4G-574M / 5G-2400M/6G-2400M
  • Support System: Windows10 64-bit
  • Size: 22mm*30mm / 0.87*1.18 inch

  • Shipping List
  • M.2 (A+E Key) AX210 WiFi 6E Network Card x1
  • Antenna x2
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