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Wires play an essential role in project building. Normally, users tell lines apart by colors or onboard pin silkscreen, but mistakes sometimes happen because they may get the wire color wrong due to complex wiring, and the silkscreen may be hard to be seen clearly when printed in very small font size or faded.

This time DFRobot brings a kind of wire that carries I2C/UART pin labels, which allows users to distinguish wires conveniently, thus greatly improving the efficiency of wiring and debugging when making projects. Also, the wire sequence keeps the same at both ends and is compliant with the latest pin definition of the DFRobot Gravity series.

It can be used in STEAM educational scenarios, projects with multiple Gravity interfaces, breadboards, etc.

  • High-quality, RoHS compliant
  • Colors and labels make for easier view and more efficient wiring
  • Compliant with the I2C & UART pin definition of the DFRobot Gravity series

  • Gravity I2C/UART Line Sequence Definition

  • Red Line --- VCC/+ (Power +)
  • Black Line --- GND/- (Power -)
  • Blue Line --- SCL/RX (Clock/Receive)
  • Green Line --- SDA/TX (Data/Transmit)

  • Applications
  • STEAM education
  • Projects with multiple Gravity interfaces

  • Specification
  • Interface: DuPont 2.54 (F/F)
  • Length: 30cm
  • Withstand Voltage: <50V
  • Withstand Current: <1000mA

  • Shipping List
  • Gravity: F/F DuPont Line With Tag (30cm) × 5
  • The Gravity: F/F DuPont Line with Tag (30cm, 5 Pack) appears in the following collections:

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