Tactile switches provide, as the name suggests, additional tactile feedback as the key actuates. As you press the key down, there is a noticeable bump which lets you know that your key press has been registered.

Clicky switches add a deliberately louder ‘click’ sound to the existing tactile bump, allowing for greater typing feedback. This makes it easier to know that you’ve hit the activation point. This is achieved by a more complicated mechanism, with a blue plunger and a white slider. When the actuation point is reached, the slider is propelled to the bottom of the switch and the click noise is produced.

The Cherry MX Green is a less common clicky switch, designed for spacebars in Blue style keyboards. Green switches are favoured by typists due to their tactile bump and audible click, but can be less suitable for gaming as the weighting is relatively high – 80 cN – and it is a bit harder to double tap, as the release point is above the actuation point. Green switches are noticeably louder than other mechanical switches, even Blue switches, which are already louder than rubber domes, so these switches can be a bit disruptive in close working conditions.

These switches are plate mounted, and have mounting holes for an LED, so you can fix, or make your own RGB backlighted keyboard!

You can find the datasheet for all Cherry MX switches here


We also sell the other switches made by Cherry:

Red - Linear, 45cN Weighting

Black - Linear, 60cN Weighting

Brown - Tactile Bump, 45cN Weighting

Clear - Tactile Bump, 65cN Weighting

Blue - Tactile Click, 50cN weighting (Lighter version of Green)



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