Day 7 Arduino Advent Calendar

First published at Thursday, December 07 2017


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Arduino Advent Calendar Day 07 - Potentiometers

Today we're going to twiddle our knobs! 
Another word for a knob is a potentiometer, and they're a type of resistor called a "variable resistor".
A variable resistor changes it's resistance (measured in Ohms); in the case of a potentiometer, when we turn it, the resistance changes. 

You might remember from when we used the LDR (Light Dependent Resistor), that our Arduino can't directly measure resistance. We had to build a voltage divider circuit so that the effect of the change in resistance could be seen in the shift in voltage measured. 

Lucky for us, our potentiometer has a voltage divider circuit built into it, so all we need to do is connect one pin to power, one to ground and it's middle output pin to an Analogue in Pin. 

Enough talking about it let's go and build up the circuit over at .

  Let's Get Started with the Day 7 Guide!


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