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Glitch Textiles Dark Code Throw

Glitch Textiles Dark Code Throw [AF-3007]

Adafruit $121000

The Dark Code Throw from Glitch Textiles kind of reminds us of what your brain may look like after staying up way too late programming and listening to the Hackers soundtrack. And now you can wear it, or cuddle with it, or drape across...

Leatherman Tread - Stainless Steel

Leatherman Tread - Stainless Steel [AF-3011]


Carry up to 29 tools anywhere you go with this travel friendly wearable multi-tool; the Leatherman Tread. This is the Stainless Steel version, we also have it in black steel.Ultimate wearability and modern style. The customizable Leath...

Glitch Scarf by Glitchaus

Glitch Scarf by Glitchaus [AF-1517]

Adafruit $35178

Remember when your NES would suddenly decide to scramble mid game? Creator Jeff Donaldson is a glitch art pioneer and creator of notendo. He's also a designer whose practice is based on these bugs and glitches, such as this comfy glitc...

Raspberry Pi Logo T-Shirt

Raspberry Pi Logo T-Shirt [AF-1423]

Adafruit $12667

Like the Raspberry Pi and want to support the Raspberry Pi foundation? All while looking good at it? Adafruit now carries the Official Raspberry Pi shirts! In Adafruit black with the Raspberry Pi logo proudly displayed on this classic bl...

USB Flashdrive Cufflinks - 4 GB Storage

USB Flashdrive Cufflinks - 4 GB Storage [AF-1263]


Look sophisticated all while storing 4,194,304 Kilobytes. These cufflinks will hold your clothes together and keep your data at hand. Perfect for Father's day or for that geek who loves technology and needs to get dressed up for a specia...

Transistor Man Shirt

Transistor Man Shirt [AF-838]

Adafruit $10128

Did you know that inside every transistor is a little man whose job it is to watch the incoming base current and adjust the collector-emitter impedance to match the datasheet? Its true! And now you can celebrate the hard-working guy wi...

Ascii Heart - $149.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique  fun DIY electronics and kits

Ascii Heart - $149.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique fun DIY electronics and kits [AF-577]


Show that you <3 with this geeky necklace depicting an ASCII heart, like you'd see in email or text messages! The pieces are laser-cut in Sterling silver, then hand soldered to silver tubes that hang from the 20" curb chain. The necklace...

Circuit board necktie Resistor - Olive with gold ink, narrow

Circuit board necktie Resistor - Olive with gold ink, narrow [AF-573]


Resistor. Super detailed resistors and capacitors oh my! How can you resist? Impress any nerdy guy or girl: computer scientist, programmer, electrician, engineer or maker. Is dad, grandpa, boyfriend or husband a tinkerer with solder an...

Silver Bipolar Earrings - NPN / PNP

Silver Bipolar Earrings - NPN / PNP [AF-557]


Perhaps we are a little BIASED, but we think that these silver earrings are the perfect mix of pretty and geeky. Made of quality sterling silver (not cheap BASE metal!), one drop has an NPN symbol stamped on it, the other a PNP. These ar...

Engineering Shirt

Engineering Shirt [AF-509]

Adafruit $9646

Formulas and variables and integrals and derivatives: to the casual observer it looks like you're doing MATH. But you're NOT. Because when you solve for x, things EXPLODE. You're doing ENGINEERING. Shirt created, designed and supplied by...

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