LEDs and passives and transistors and switches and op-amps oh my! The Adafruit Parts Pal is the ultimate companion for an entry-level maker learning electronics. This kit is your friend whenever you need to build up a project. It contains many of our most popular components and prototyping parts all wrapped up in one parts pack so you can open up and dig right in.

Kit Contents:





  • 10x - 560 ohm 5% axial resistors
  • 10x - 1K ohm 5% axial resistors
  • 10x - 10K ohm 5% axial resistors
  • 10x - 47K ohm 5% axial resistors





Revision history

  • As of July 20, 2016 we now include an LM358 dual opamp!


  • Thermistor
    • Resistance at 25 degrees C: 10K +- 1%
    • B25/50 = 3950+- 1%
    • Thermal time constant <= 15 seconds
    • Thermistor temperature range -55 °C to 125 °C
Program the 'Hello World' of hardware with MicroPython.
Blink LEDs and read buttons with digital I/O and MicroPython!
Use ADC's, DAC's, and PWM outputs to control analog signals with MicroPython!
This Cold War-era mystery box's disarm code must be toggled in before the timer reaches zero!
Level shifters are like little bilingual translators for your electronics!
Build a huge timer for an event or race. It's a digital segment display made from RGB NeoPixels!


SKU AF-2975
Brand Adafruit

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