CC3000 introduction


Adafruit CC3000 Wi-Fi Shield for Arduino, top view.

Adafruit CC3000 Wi-Fi Shield for Arduino, bottom view with board dimensions.

The Adafruit WiFi Shield for Arduino is based on the CC3000 Wi-Fi module from TI. The onboard ceramic antenna, microSD card socket, designated prototyping area, reset button, and the Adafruit CC3000 Arduino library allow for easy integration into an Arduino project. The CC3000 uses SPI for communication instead of UART, so the communication speed is not limited to a fixed baud rate. It supports 802.11b/g, open/WEP/WPA/WPA2 security, TKIP, and AES. A built-in TCP/IP stack with a BSD socket interface supports TCP and UDP in client and server mode with up to 4 concurrent socket connections. We also carry the more compact Adafruit CC3000 Wi-Fi breakout board with ceramic antenna.

Note: The CC3000 does not support “AP” mode; it can connect to an access point, but it cannot be an access point.

The CC3000 Wi-Fi shield and associated CC3000 Adafruit Arduino library are compatible with the Arduino Leonardo, Uno, and Mega. See the CC3000 WiFi Shield section of the Adafruit Shield Compatibility Guide for a full list of tested and compatible Arduino boards. (We have confirmed that the CC3000 shield and library are compatible with the Arduino Leonardo, even though as of July 2014, the Adafruit Shield Compatibility Guide says it is not compatible.) This shield is also compatible with the A-Star 32U4 Prime.

For documentation and resources to help you use the Wi-Fi shield, including tutorials, see the guide on Adafruit’s site.


  • Features CC3000 Wi-Fi module from TI
  • Uses SPI for communication
  • Integrated 3.3 V regulator
  • Integrated level shifter
  • Comprehensive Adafruit CC3000 Wi-Fi guide
  • Adafruit CC3000 Arduino library with examples to help get you started quickly
  • Onboard ceramic antenna
  • MicroSD card socket (MicroSD card not included)
  • Prototyping area for soldering connectors, circuitry, or sensors
  • Arduino reset button brought to the top of the shield for easy access

Included hardware

The shield ships with all of its surface-mount parts populated. However, soldering is required for assembly of the included 0.1″ male headers. If you plan on stacking multiple shields, we recommend our stackable 0.1″ female header set for Arduino shields. When using the shield with an Arduino Leonardo or Mega, the included 2 × 3 female header can be used to connect to the ICSP header on the Arduino. The 2 × 3 female header is not required for use with an Arduino Uno.

Arduino and MicroSD card not included.

Adafruit CC3000 Wi-Fi Shield for Arduino with included hardware.

Schematic diagram

Note: This product is Adafruit product ID 1491.



Size: 2.7″ × 2.1″1
Weight: 8.5 g


Without included hardware.


File downloads

Datasheet for CC3000 Wi-Fi module from TI (676k pdf)
Adafruit CC3000 Wi-Fi Shield for Arduino schematic diagram (59k png)
Printable schematic diagram for the Adafruit CC3000 Wi-Fi Shield for Arduino with Onboard Ceramic Antenna.


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Brand Arduino

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