Add mega-storage in a jiffy using this 4 GB micro-SD card. It comes with a SD adapter so you can use it with any of our shields or adapters! Preformatted to FAT so it works out of the box with our projects. Tested and works great with our Wave shield, Data logger shield and GPS shield, and micro-SD adapter as well as any other device in the Adafruit shop that uses (micro)-SD cards!

Please note! This is an SDHC card, and may not work with very old projects or products that only support SD cards. All of the Adafruit projects and products use SD/HC-compatible code. Make sure you can use this card before purchasing for non-Adafruit products. The brand itself may vary but we use only quality name-brand from reputable suppliers

  • Card Type: Class 4 SDHC
Triggering mp3's based on tactile input with a Pi
Our tweaked distribution for teaching electronics using the Raspberry PI
All the joy of Chumby, with extra chewy breakouts!
A sitcom soundtrack for your life
Internet-streamed music around the house
Make your own Cloud-connected point-and-shoot camera
Add music to your Arduino
Turn your Raspberry Pi into a media center
Adafruit's Data Logger Shield, now pre-assembled!
Scary Pumpkin!
For when your system is no longer operating.
Make the most adorable little WiFi router
Make a Raspberry Pi into a Anonymizing Tor Proxy!
How to add lots o' storage with microSD (and SD) cards
Using NOOBS to install an operating system.
Build a model TARDIS or dress your pet as one with this wearable-scale project
Next-generation light painting with NeoPixels and Arduino
Color! Lights! Touch! 8-Bit! SPI! MicroSD Card! Pickles!
Build your own wireless security camera using the Arduino Yun & a USB webcam!
Show the volume of liquid in a measuring cup on a web page!
Annoy your friends and coworkers with a soundboard you control over WiFi!
Adabot tells time. You can too!
1.44" TFT Display with 128x128 Color Pixels
Mobile wireless Raspberry Pi
Install Kali Linux on your Pi, and add a kernel that supports Adafruit's PiTFT display.
76,800 RGB pixels - under your control!
Track your trick or treat candy route to log which houses had the best candy!
Thin and light, just like a...
Thin and light, just like a...
This is some serious cosplay tech. Throw it down.
Real time clock + SD card for data reading & writing
Learn how to use a microSD card to store code & data with MicroPython!
Create a battery powered timelapse camera!
Lights, music, and sound effects prop circuit design
Part 2: Lights, music, and sound effects prop circuit integration
Part 3: Permanent circuit, 3D printing, and final assembly
It's so tiny! Say Cheese!
Control room lighting & sound with the beat of your heart.
Breathe spooky life into an old radio by adding a Feather microcontroller to read the dial and play mysterious sounds and music!
Mini TFT is small, but don't let it's size fool you!


SKU AF-102
Brand Adafruit

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