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XBee Explorer USB

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Description: This is a simple to use, USB to serial base unit for the XBee line. This unit works with all XBee modules including the Series 1 and Series 2.5, standard and Pro version. Plug the unit into the XBee Explorer, attach a mini USB cable, and you will have direct access to the serial and programming pins on the XBee unit.

You get the red board only. XBee modules and USB cable sold below.

Add a couple XBees, and a Regulated Explorer and you've got a great gift for that special electronics geek! For more gift ideas check out our SparkFun Gift Guide!

Note: As of August 2010, all new boards now include a MIC5219 voltage regulator which is good for 500mA.


Wow there are a lot of XBee modules! Here's a breakdown:

Series 1: Good point-to-point (300 ft)

Series 1 High Power: Point-to-point and decent range (~1 mile)

Series 2.5: Multi-point networks (300 ft)

Series 2.5 High Power: Multi-point and decent range (~1 mile)

900MHz: Longer range (~6 mile)

900MHz High Power: Super long range (~15 mile)

Check out these awesome Xbee tutorials on Tronixstuff
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