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Wireless Mains Remote and Single Outlet

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The ultimate accessory for the couch potato. No need to get up from the cricket when you need to turn the fan on. Simply plug in any mains appliance rated up to 10A and use the remote to turn it on or off. The outlet also has an LED night light that's operated with the remote, so you can see where you're going if you have to get up during the night or keep a night light on for the kiddies, then turn it off after the boogyman has gone for the night. Not just for the bone lazy, it also has other real benefits for the elderly, disabled or for making sure the TV and other appliances are turned off at the mains before you go to bed.

  • 433MHz
  • Remote battery included
  • 10A, 2400W rated
  • Remote measures: 125(W) x 45(H) x 17(D)mm
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