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Getting Started with Arduino - 2nd Edition

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Getting Started with Arduino - 2nd Edition

Description: If you've heard about this Arduino thing, but are unsure about where to begin, Getting Started with Arduino is a great book to begin with. 110 pages of easy to read, well written, Make/O'Reilly goodness. Massimo Banzi (author and one of the 5 Arduino developers) describes the basic hardware, writes some simple programs, and explains how to use the free Arduino development environment. The second edition is updated for Arduino 1.0!

Note: Although it isn't pictured, this is in fact the second edition. New photos are on their way.


  • Getting Started with Arduino - O'Reilly Page
  • ISBN 10: 1449309879
  • ISBN 13: 978-1449309879
  • Edition: Second Edition

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