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 Sparkfun products range from things like resistors and LEDs to humidity sensors and LCD screens.  Including: Books, Cables, Cellular, Components, Development Tools, E-Textiles, GPS, Kits, LCDs, Programmers, Prototyping, Sensor, Tools, Robotics, Wireless

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    XMOS XS1-L1-64 Development Board XMOS XS1-L1-64 Development Board This is a development board for the impressively powerful XS1-L1, multi-threaded processor made by XMOS. The XMOS development board includes a XS1-L1-64 processor in a 64LQFP package. L1-64 Features: Event driven processing at 400MIPS 64 kBytes of SRAM 8 threads 36 user I/O pi... $55.38
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    XMOS XTAG2 Debug Adapter XMOS XTAG2 Debug Adapter The XTAG 2 Debug Adapter functions as an XMOS Design Tools compatible USB to JTAG converter. Connect one end of the XTAG 2 to a USB serial port and the other to the 20 pin header of your board and you are ready to load code using the XMOS Design Tools. The XTAG 2 requires version 9.9 or later of the XMOS Design Tools. Documents:... $77.34
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