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 Sparkfun products range from things like resistors and LEDs to humidity sensors and LCD screens.  Including: Books, Cables, Cellular, Components, Development Tools, E-Textiles, GPS, Kits, LCDs, Programmers, Prototyping, Sensor, Tools, Robotics, Wireless

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    BASIC Stamp 2 Module BASIC Stamp 2 Module The BASIC Stamp is a classic! Originally introduced in 1995, this juggernaut has seen quite a long run. The BASIC Stamp BS2 is a microcontroller developed by Parallax, Inc. which is easily programmed using an easy-to-learn language called PBASIC.  It is called a “Stamp” simply because it is close to the size of an average ... $83.40
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    Board of Education (USB) Full Kit Board of Education (USB) Full Kit The Board of Education Full Kit is a concise package of all the hardware you need to begin building projects with the BASIC Stamp microcontroller. Everything you need is included except for a power supply, and components needed to build a specific project. The beginner parts kit would pair really well with this board. The BOE ca... $166.88
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    Stamp Activity Kit - Serial Stamp Activity Kit - Serial This is a great beginner's embedded electronics kit featuring a surface mount version of the BASIC Stamp 2. The BS2-IC is mounted on a project platform, which features a 9-pin serial connector, breadboard area, power and reset buttons and more. The kit also comes with a components pack - complete with LEDs, a servo motor, buzzer and more - to su... $118.69

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