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 Sparkfun products range from things like resistors and LEDs to humidity sensors and LCD screens.  Including: Books, Cables, Cellular, Components, Development Tools, E-Textiles, GPS, Kits, LCDs, Programmers, Prototyping, Sensor, Tools, Robotics, Wireless

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    USB JTAG for DSP TMS320 USB JTAG for DSP TMS320 Low cost USB JTAG for DSP programming and emulation.Features:TMS320-JTAG-USB hardware is designed to utilize the XDS100 software Program all TMS320F C28xx flash 32-bit Real Time Microcontrollers (DSP), not XDS510 compatible, but have own CCS 3.30 drivers and support Supports all members of C2800 family (soon C5xxx and C6xxx... $141.85
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