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 Sparkfun products range from things like resistors and LEDs to humidity sensors and LCD screens.  Including: Books, Cables, Cellular, Components, Development Tools, E-Textiles, GPS, Kits, LCDs, Programmers, Prototyping, Sensor, Tools, Robotics, Wireless

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    Audio Cable 2.5mm 8" Audio Cable 2.5mm 8" This is a simple 8" long 2.5mm audio cable. It is terminated with a 2.5mm audio plug on one side and unterminated with bare wires on the other end. These are to be used with the ModKit shields. The 2.5mm plug is the same one used by many devices. A lot of older cell phones used this size for the headsets. It is the audio jac... $2.15

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    MIDI Cable - 6 Foot MIDI Cable - 6 Foot This one is for all you audio geeks out there. If you are going to play with MIDI accessories you'll likely need a cable. We have a nice 2 meter (6.58 feet) MIDI cable that you can use with all of your MIDI devices. Great for projects using the MIDI Shield, and the MIDI breakout. Now go synthesize something!Dimensions: 2 meters (6.58 ft) $6.65

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    Audio Splitter 3.5mm - 6in Audio Splitter 3.5mm - 6in With this cable, you to can split one 3.5mm stereo jack into two stereo jacks. Dimensions: 6 inches $2.58
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    Audio Cable 3.5mm Extension - 6 ft Audio Cable 3.5mm Extension - 6 ft 3.5mm (1/8 inch) stereo jack, male connector to female connector. Perfect for extending the length of your headphones or computer speaker system audio cord. Don't be limited by the short length of cable that normally comes attached to headphones and speaker systems specially designed for computers and video game consoles. This ex... $3.90

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    S-Video Cable - 12ft S-Video Cable - 12ft Standard S-Video cable, terminated with gold-flashed male connectors at both ends.Dimensions: 6 feet $6.65

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