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 Jaycar Electronics is a leading Australian and New Zealand electronics retail company that is committed to providing customers with quality, range, and value for money. 

At Little Bird Electronics we can order you in any products that Jaycar sell.  Please contact us if you can not find the product on our site.

Including: Kits, Components, Semi Conductors, Enclosures, Batteries & Chargers, Power Supplies, Alarm Systems
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    Tapered Reamer Tapered Reamer Tapered Reamer TD2130 This great tool is ideal for enlarging and shaping holes in plastic, thin metal and wood. Tapers from 3mm to 12mm and is made from high quality treated steel. Temporarily out of stock $18.15
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    4 Piece Mini Pick & Hook Set 4 Piece Mini Pick & Hook Set 4 Piece Mini Pick & Hook Set TH1762 These hook tools have stainless steel heat treated points, and are ideal for use on O-rings, springs, snap rings, washers, checking soldering joints, general hobbyist kit building, and probing into things, etc. Hooks are: - straight pick - 90° hook - full hook - sm... $17.55

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    Digital Stem Thermometer Digital Stem Thermometer Digital Stem Thermometer QM7216 Endless applications such as food processing, laboratory work, photography, home brewing etc. this digital thermometer features fast response, min/max memory and data hold. The probe is stainless steel, so it will never corrode, the body is splashproof and it will never need calibration. Specifications... $23.10

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    PLCC Extractor PLCC Extractor PLCC Extractor TH1816 There's really only one way to remove a PLCC chip safely - and this is it. Basically a spring assisted clip carrier extractor, specifically designed to see safe and hassle free removal of PLCC's from sockets. $13.15

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    Pin Extractor Tool Pin Extractor Tool Pin Extractor Tool TH1730 Take the frustration out of removing Molex connector pins with these time save tools. Simply slide the tool over the connector and push the plunger to effortlessly remove the pin. Both male and female pin extractors availableMale pin extractor      T... $19.75

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    Fused Cigarette Lighter Plug to 2.5mm DC Plug Fused Cigarette Lighter Plug to 2.5mm DC Plug Fused Cigarette Lighter Plug to 2.5mm DC Plug PP1997Has an internal fuse and LED power indicator.* Supplied with 5A, 3AG fuse* Cable length 1.5 metres $5.45

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