It seems like it's another week, another web interface for an Arduino. However choice is a good thing, and this time we have a system called "Bitlash Commander". With this node.js interface you can control digital output pins and PWM settings using on-screen sliders and buttons. Interface between the Arduino and PC is via the usual USB cable, and the following is an example of the interface:

One interesting benefit of using this type of interface is that it makes a great control panel to test hardware connected to digital outputs - instead of creating test software you can just click away and make sure it's working. Neat. You can find more information and downloads on the project github page. And for more news and updates - please follow us on twitterFacebook and Google+ - and don't forget to check out Ninja Blocks!

If this project interests you but you're new to the world of Arduino - consider the new, improved Sparkfun Inventor's Kit for Arduino:


Used by thousands of people to get started with the world of electronics and microcontrollers - the kit has just been renovated and improved in many ways. These include:

  • The new, updated Arduino Uno revision three board
  • Improved baseplate - custom made to hold the Ardiuno and breadboard firmly on the desk
  • A brand new, eighty page guide with clearer illustrations, diagrams and fourteen excellent base projects to spark your imagination

As well as the mountain of components, sensors, output devices, and more - everything you need to get started. And the entire kit is plug and play - youdon't need to go near a soldering iron which makes the kit perfect for inquisitive minds of all ages.  It really is the perfect way to get started with Arduino - so if you've been holding out, now's the chance to join the revolution! So click here to get started on your amazing Arduino journey!