After uploading a sketch to an Arduino (with USB interface) often some people will neglect to save the original sketch, or match the sketch to the Arduino for later reference. This creates the symptom of "zombie" prototypes that don't have a reference to their source code. This problem as been solved neatly by Dave Vondle of IDEO Labs, who created a useful solution. He provides a modified Arduino IDE that can upload the sketch directly to GitHub along with the matching USB serial number of the Arduino board. Then after reconnecting the Arduino back to the PC running the modified IDE, it can retrieve the last sketch uploaded to that board into the IDE. 


Another geuninely useful and pragmatic solution to a common problem. However it's no replacement for correct documetation and record management. Nevertheless, for more information check out the project page here. And for more news, updates and items of interest, please follow us on twitterFacebook and Google+.  


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