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Raspberry Pi Workshops in Melbourne and Sydney

Whilst Marcus is working on a new secret Kickstarter project, I wanted to let you know that we've made some more Arduino and Raspberry Pi Workshops available.

Sydney Workshops:

Melbourne Workshops:

Our workshops sell out pretty quickly so get in quick and reserve your ticket!

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Featured Product - BrickPi

The BrickPi by Dexter Industries is an add-on for the popular Raspberry Pi development board that lets you control Lego Mindstorm motors and sensors. Simply stack this board on top of your Raspberry Pi to control up to four NXT or EV3 motors and five NXT sensors. With Dexter Industries custom Raspbian build and a small amount of assembly of the case you will be able to easily get your Lego Mindstorm robot running in no time.


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How moist is it in here...

Hey Guys,


I've just made a tutorial about hooking up a couple of the the humidity sensors we have.  List of parts I used can be found here:

Humidity and Temperature Sensor - DHT22

DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Jumper Wires Premium 6" M/M Pack of 10

Breadboard Clear Self-Adhesive

Resistor 10K Ohm 1/6th Watt PTH - 20 pack


and the link to the Arduino code I grab.






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